FOG Easter Eggs

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This week’s Prompt For The Promptless is running gags:

A running gag is a literary device (usually a funny reference, or silly joke) that appears repeatedly throughout a work.

So, I thought I’d share with you some FOG Easter eggs.


No, not that kind of Easter egg. This kind:

An Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, inside joke, or feature in a work such as a computer program, movie, book, or crossword [or blog]. The name has been said to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt.

Had you read this blog from the beginning, which no one has, not even me, you would know that there are several recurring themes on FOG.

The Unicorn

A long time ago, when I wasn’t so conscientious about image credit, I found this awful picture on the internet somewhere. It has been used more than any other image on this blog because it is so incredibly painful on the eyes. I do this because I enjoy ugly things and because I want to see if any of you are paying attention.


This awful image has been used in the following posts:

Dear Goldfish Part 25 – I share a unicorn painted by Max Ernst that looks suspiciously like the unicorn above.

I’d Like To Be Reincarnated As A Unicorn – This one’s fairly self-evident I think.

Christmas Unicorn List – Hoppy the Christmas Unicorn makes my dreams come true.

The Junk Drawer Part 2 – A love story between a T-Rex and a unicorn that was never completed.

NaNoWriMo Day Six – I compare my shambles of a book to the picture above.

Top 10 Ways To Blog Success – #1 add more unicorns.

What do you wish you spent more time doing? – Attending to my unicorns, of course!

Five Things I’m Good At – raising mythological creatures is one of them.

The word “unicorn” is used on this blog about 3,493,852 times (figure is an estimate). Other posts that mention unicorns without that image:

Reader Fodder – I give out unicorn pencil toppers in exchange for blog recommendations.

Welcome to Fish House – I build a vision board of my dream house with a helicopter that runs on unicorn farts.

Epical Art – A relatively serious post about art where I offhandedly mention unicorns.

Awards Time Again – Would you rather have a unicorn or a fire-breathing dragon?

20 Weird Things We Say And Why – Stanley and his unicorn.

We Know You – This is a post about buying a car in which you wouldn’t expect to find a unicorn reference, but there it is.

7 Expert Cons Your Brain Pulls On You – I talk about how your brain is a shifty bastard and unicorns.

Trifecta Check-In – I answer questions asked by Trifecta writing challenge and drop a unicorn reference.

Enigman & White Dwarf – A love story between a man and a white dwarf star with unicorns.

The Junk Drawer – There are no unicorns in this post except the one I mention.

Festival of Birth Anniversary Extravaganza – I ask for a pet unicorn as a birthday gift.

Barbaras – Barbaras believe in unicorns, too.

Insomnia – A post about insomnia and unicorn references.

And that’s just what I was able to find with a cursory search. I’m sure there are more. Plus there’s the FOG snippet on the main page:

Picture 1Which brings us to our next Easter egg…

Fire-Breathing Dragons


You will find pictures of dragons in the following posts:

My Dream House – I am pretty sure this is the first overt dragon post.

Dragon Genesis – A continuation of the story in My Dream House.

Welcome to Fish House – I build a vision board of my dream house with dragon transportation.

Dear Goldfish Part 10 – What would you do every day if money didn’t matter? Create dragons.

The Request Line – where I drew my own dragon:


And mentions of dragons in these…

Shroooooms. – I talk about being on mushrooms and see Chinese dragons in my lemon tree.

If I Could Know My Future – I would breed dragons if I won the lottery.

Festival of Birth Anniversary Extravaganza – where I ask for a pet dragon as a birthday gift.

Five Things I’m Good At – Raising mythological creatures is one of them.

“Having It All” – Building a colony on Mars to raise space dragons.

Christmas Unicorn List – Hoppy the Christmas Unicorn brings me a pet dragon.

New Year’s Resolutions – I resolve to adopt a pet dragon.

Eulogy For A Fish – I’m remembered as having the first dragon airline.

Awards Time Again – Would you rather have a unicorn or a fire-breathing dragon?


Some of you might think this is a new one, but it’s not.

I wouldn't want this guy at my house. Leprechaun, 1993.
Leprechaun, Trimark Pictures, 1993.

600 Posts: High Five! – “I write about leprechauns.”

Last Chance To Enter! – The leprechauns’ll getcha!

The Rules: Or How to Be A Reasonable Human – “Everyone knows that leprechauns are terrible with money.”

The Junk Drawer Part 3 – Leprechauns steal blog posts.

Remaking The Peace Symbol – Leprechauns steal Lucky Charms.

7 Expert Cons Your Brain Pulls On You – A magical unicorn in the woods gave you a ride to the Leprechaun’s gold.

Insomnia – Leprechauns ride whales.

Hugs From Goldfish

I created this image for a Dear Goldfish post and I’ve been using it ever since. Yes, that’s my real handwriting.

It's the coolest because I drew it.

Dear Goldfish Part 20 – The original heart post.

The Awkward End Scene – I bid a brief adieu to bloggerdom.

Harken O Ye Foggers – A public notice to new members of the fishbowl after I was Freshly Pressed.

My Personal Sculptor – What I would have my personal sculptor sculpt.

A Message To You, Rudy – A message from now me to future me.

600 Posts: High Five! – A thank you note to you, dear readers, upon reaching 600 posts.

I’m sure there are more Easter eggs out there, but that’s all I have time to find now. You’re welcome to try to find some more!