Guest Posts

Guest Posts by Goldfish

I haven’t made that many trips outside of the fishbowl, but here’s where you can find them. If you would like to guest post on FOG or you would like me to guest post on your blog, let me know.

Guest Post: FishOfGold Makes a Wish

Rarasaur invited me over to make a wish.

Guest Post: Fish of Gold

I make fun of Twindaddy on his own Stuph Blog. I wasn’t a very good guest.

Shadows of Abuse

A guest post on abuse in all its forms on Deliberate Donkey.

The Evolution of My Geekdom: Fishy Edition

I revisit my formative geeky years on 33 Grams Of Blog.

Taboo Topic: Cats

I discuss how I hate discussing cats on Knocked Over By A Feather.

Motivation Blindness

A post originally at Behind The Mask Of Abuse on how abuse makes you blind to certain behaviors.

Guest Post: Adventures of an American Girl in America, by Fish of Gold

I visit Adventures Of An Aussie Girl In London and talk about America.

Accessory To The Crime

I talk about domestic violence and the failure of the American justice system over at Black Box Warnings.

Day 27 NaBloPoMo at yeah write guest blogger: Goldfish from Team Nano Poblano

A guest post/pep talk during NaBloPoMo at YeahWrite.


I talk about child sexual abuse at Stories That Must Not Die.

Life In Six Songs: Vol. 16 (Goldfish and Rara)

Rarasaur and I share our lives in six songs at Running On Sober.


I write about them at The Sisterwives.

To Anyone Who’s Ever Thought, “Why don’t they just leave?”

I explain why leaving domestic violence isn’t easy at Stories That Must Not Die.

Alive & Disorderly

A post on body image originally posted at The Outlier Collective, now at Stories That Must Not Die.

A Sonder File: Griefhole, v.III

I visit Rarasaur and share our “star-tied story forward today with a tale of two losses, and infinite loves.”

Guest Posts On FOG


Guest Post: Almost Dead…

Zoe from Behind The Mask Of Abuse shares a story about almost dying.

Guest Post: Well-Known Facts International Edition

Alex from Excerpts From Nonexistent Books talks about well-known facts.

Guest Post: Revis’ Whiskey Story

Revis from Stuph Blog And 33 Grams Of Blog shares a story about the first time he ever drank whiskey.

Guest Post: A Footlong is not a measurement of length

Twindaddy from Stuph Blog rants about measurements.

Things I Hate: Merbear Edition

Merbear from Knocked Over By A Feather shares her own list of things she hates.