On Being…

The 2nd greatest book ever written.

Autobiographicalish posts. In order of recency (newest first):

On Being Homeless

Self explanatory.

On Race

My experience growing up as a white minority.

Homeless Teen Prostitute

Yes, I was one.

Grief Diary: Week Birthday

Writing about the death of the love of my life on my birthday.

No Title

The post I wrote when I found out the love of my life, referred to on FOG as Male, died in March 2015. I’ve never read this post, but it explains a lot.

On Betrayal

All the times, or at least most of the times, I’ve been betrayed.

Dented Bucket List

A bullet list of things that have happened to me.

The Biggest Betrayal

Discussing the betrayal of my parents in not believing when I told them about sexual abuse.

The Ultimate Brain FAIL

About the fear of early onset dementia.

Give Up The Funk

On surviving the PTSD blues.

One Night In Summer

Autobiographical fiction about child sexual abuse.

I Don’t Like Charming People

How living with domestic violence changes your perspective on charm.

Hello, My Name Is Goldfish. I’m Broken.

On meeting people when you’re broken inside.

You Were A Mistake

My mother said that to me.

Hug Her Back

Autobiographical fiction about child sexual abuse.

Depression In Exhausting

I experience another bout of depression and share it with you.

The Most Comforting Words In English: Restraining Order

Restraining orders and the story of how i got mine.

I Don’t Believe You

On trust issues after abuse.

On Living In Hiding

I will never be as free as my abusers.

Christmas B & E

The story of a domestic violence Christmas.

The Grudge

On letting go of grudges and how I can’t seem to do that.

Domestic Violence Can Happen To Anyone

A cautionary and personal tale of domestic violence.


On growing older.


On being an addict.

The Woe Is Me Game

Battling demons and the voice in my head.

Trust Issues

And how I have them.

Eleven Months

A not very nice true story of cheating.

Le Vide: The Post That Didn’t Go Where I Expected It To Go

On facing my personal black hole.

Accessory To The Crime

A guest post at Black Box Warnings on aiding and abetting domestic violence.


On doing something positive with my negative experiences.

Moving Past The Anger

Anyone know how to do that?

A Girl Named Angel

How I became a crackhead.

The Music Of Abuse

I take back my music from the domestic violence monster.

That’s Just Weird!

I talk about having to re-learn everything after my traumatic head injury.

Alive & Disorderly

A guest post originally posted at The Outlier Collective and now on Stories That Must Not Die on body image issues.

I Didn’t Cry Until I Drove Away

A very sad post on Male moving out of town.


Why I don’t want children.

Hot Potato

On finding a picture of the monster who sexually abused me.

On The Suicide Of A Friend

Fairly self-explanatory.

On Appearances

A discussion of body dysmorphic disorder.

Normality Snormality

All the things that made me different as a kid.

The Worst Products For Left-Handed People

Products that are impossible for left-handed people like me.

The Story Of My Mom

Dealing with my mother’s denial of child sexual abuse.

Something Is Wrong With This Picture

On finding an old picture of when I was being sexually abused.

Shadows Of Abuse

A guest post written over at Deliberate Donkey.

Warnings Ignored

A story of how I warned my friends of my abuser and the warning was ignored.

Abuse And Promiscuity

A post about my teenage sexual promiscuity as the result of child sexual abuse.

My Cold War

On being a child of the Cold War era.

Things We Can’t Talk About

Discussing child sexual abuse.

Cheer Up, Dammit.

A post about my struggles with major depressive disorder.

Hurt: The Aftermath

Part Two of my own experience with domestic violence.

Daily Prompt: The Clock

A short piece about domestic violence.

The Missing Childhood

Recovering memories after a head trauma.

G*dd*mn M*th*rf*ck*ng Forg*ven*ss

On forgiving abuse and how I can’t.

The Keys To The City

Take a walk with me through all of my old Detroit haunts.


Part One of my own experience with domestic violence.

Defining Moments

A bullet list of all the crappy things that have happened to me.

A Letter To My Dead Grandmother

I give my abusive grandmother a piece of my mind.

Being Crazy: Things I’ve Lost

My struggle with major depressive disorder.


Where I am now in my struggle to overcome child abuse and domestic violence.


An ode to my constant companion, insomnia.

The Night That Changed My Life

I talk about having my skull smashed by a stage light.

A Little String & A Stuffed Donkey

Welcome to Crazytown where I describe the voice in my head.

On Being Dead

My many experiences with dying.

Graphic Design Myths

This post discusses things that annoy me about being a graphic designer.


Gah! Stage fright! Run away!

On Being Left-Handed

Woe to the backwards left-handers.

On Being Finnish

I don’t know much about being Finnish, obviously, but here is what I know.

Bad Brain Days

A post about how difficult it is to write sometimes with a damaged brain.


I regale you with an epic of navigating the Gov’t Dept. of Crazy. What fun!

In The Middle

More Gov’t Dept. of Crazy adventures.


Anyone else have it? Leave a comment.

On Being Unemployed

Thankfully, I’m not unemployed anymore, but here’s a diatribe about it when I was.

On Being Handicapped

Thankfully, I’m not handicapped anymore, but here’s a diatribe about it when I was.

Semantics & Isms

My foundational thinking on faith.


How I got the nickname Goldfish.