Well-Known Facts

It’s a well-known fact that I like to make up well-known facts. If you are looking for annotated evidence, you have definitely come to the wrong place. This blog contains no practical information on any subject and very few verifiable facts. It’s a fact that this blog is not factual.

I started a series full of shenanigans called Well-Known Facts. The Well-Known Facts posts are listed below in the order they were written:

Well-Known Facts

The original silly post discussing pirates, dinosaurs walking on the moon, bigfoot, the invention of the stapler and more.

Well-Known Facts: Goldfish Edition

This edition explores well-known facts about the common goldfish.

Well-Known Facts: Dog Edition

This edition of Well-Known Facts focuses on the dog and their relation to astrophysics.

Well-Known Facts: World Record Mammal Edition

An investigation of the world’s smallest and largest mammals.

Well-Known Facts: Die Legende Von Halle Von Ween

A look at the life of Ween as described in Die Legende Von Halle Von Ween, also posted on this blog.

Well-Known Facts: American History

Discovering well-known facts from American history. History is fun!

Well-Known Facts: Cliché Edition

This post explores the origin of some common English platitudes.

Well-Known Facts Quiz

Test your knowledge of Well-Known Facts!

More Well-Known Facts

More well-known facts from around the world including the invention of window blinds and the world’s deadliest fish.

Well-Known Facts: Music Edition

Discussing some history of music.

The Voyage of the Royal Pudding Cup & HMS Sheepskin Flask

Discussing the well-known adventures of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley.

Well-Known Facts: Healthy Edition

20 low impact ways to lose weight.

Well-Known Facts: On This Day…

On this day in history, something happened with the Boxer Rebellion.