The Best Of FOG

There are over a thousand posts on this blog beginning in two thousand aught nine. I wouldn’t expect anyone to read all of that. I haven’t even read all of that and I wrote most of it. So, here’s a handy reference page containing links to my personal favorite and/or the most important posts on this blog in no particular order. Enjoy.

Random Nonsense

Well Known Facts

On this page, you’ll find a series of ridiculous posts about completely imaginary facts.

Three Quotes

I present some pearls of wisdom.

FOG’s 7 Steps To Marketing Success

I present some pearls of business wisdom.


Check this page for true stories. My recommendations are The Night of the Amorous Parking Meters, The Montebello Incident, and Public Service Announcement. There are some other gems in there too.

Read These To Feel Better


A pep talk for the internet.

Do One Thing

A reminder of how short life is.

On Domestic Violence

To Anyone Who’s Ever Said, “Why don’t they just leave?”

Some of the reasons why people stay in an abusive relationship.


This is the story of the final night of domestic violence.

Hurt: The Aftermath

The story continues.

The Most Comforting Words In English: Restraining Order

The story of how I got a restraining order.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Night That Changed My Life

The story of how I got mine.


How I got the nickname Goldfish.

Child Sexual Abuse

Religion & Sexual Abuse

How the two are intertwined in my life.

One Night In Summer

A fictional story that was featured on Freshly Pressed.



I discuss how I see music.

A Synesthete’s Guide To The Most Beautiful Music In The World

I try to compare what I see with how I see it through art.

Synesthesia & Metaphors

I talk about how metaphors maybe influenced by synesthesia.

Synesthetic Hyperphantasia

I discover how a hyperactive imagination works with synesthesia.