Get your one of a kind Goldfish trading card! Trade them with friends (laminator sold separately).
Get your one of a kind Goldfish trading card! Trade them with friends (laminator sold separately).

About This Blog:

This is not a blog about goldfish. I used to have a goldfish, but it died. That’s not the point. The point is that Fish of Gold (referred to by me, your friendly neighborhood goldfish, as FOG) is a miscellaneous assortment of opinions, experiences, gripes, true stories, and made-up nonsense on various topics.

A word of warning: even though that goldfish is pretty cute and I have written a couple of children’s stories, most of this blog is not suitable for children. I tend to swear a bit, and even though a lot of what I write is silliness, sometimes, I talk about Serious Business including current events, politics, religion, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, prostitution, addiction, and death.

I’m sure there are some lovely blogs out there that are all nicey-nice, pro-god, pro-kids, pro-people, and pro-miniature American flags. This is not one of them.

About The Author:

I apologize if I got your hopes up, but I’m not actually a fish, gold or otherwise. It would be really cool if I was the world’s first blogging goldfish, but I’m actually a female human. There’s nothing unusual about a blogging female human. If you must know right now why I have that silly nickname since I’m not actually a fish, read the post called Goldfish.

Here’s the part of the bio where I go all third-person on you:

Goldfish is a writer and unpublished author, mostly because she hasn’t finished a complete work of fiction. She is a graphic designer, fine artist, and digital doodler who encourages you to buy lots of kid-friendly products from her Redbubble shop.

Goldfish is a lifelong devotee of coffee, music, and books–not necessarily in that order. Well, probably in that order. She lives in Los Angeles with her animal companions, The Hound of Entropy and The World’s Dumbest Cat, who get along unnaturally well and refuse to pay rent.

To read more things that I am, a good place to start is with On Being… or The Best Of FOG.

For you pestery types who won’t be satisfied until you know what I look like, there is one picture of me posted on this blog. See if you can find it. You gave up? So soon? Fine. Here.

About You:

I want to know who you are, too. If you have your own blog, give me the link. Maybe you have some stories of your own that you’d like to share. I’m sure you’re very nice. Your hair looks good today. I like your shoes. At the very least, if you’re reading this, you have excellent taste in blogs.

Thanks for visiting. Come again.