10 Random Things

JetBear by mnrART (mnrart.deviantart.com)

Hi there! Here I am! It’s been so long since I’ve posted regularly that I don’t rightly know what to post, so today, we’re wingin’ it. I present ten random things.

  1. I finished my work project yesterday. I walked into my manager’s office with the last bit of it and a time off request form. I told her that I could either start a new project on a Friday, which probably wouldn’t go so well, or I could save everyone the trouble and take the day off, coming back on Monday refreshed and renewed. Add other buzzwords where applicable. She signed the form.
  2. I have a ridiculous amount of vacation time that I never take. In February, I decided that I need to take more time off, so I am. I’m making an effort to take a random day now and then–one day off every two months or so. I have absolutely no plans today. Just like this post, I’m wingin’ it. It’s glorious.
  3. I wake up with a song in my head every day. I think it’s related to my synesthesia (I see music) since no one else I know wakes up with a song stuck in their head every single day they’ve been alive. This was today’s song:
  4. I realized yesterday that I have a lot of 1970s music in my most loved songs playlist. I think the 70s were the best, most groundbreaking modern decade for music. It’s true!  You have 70s rock n’ roll, which doesn’t sound at all like 60s rock; heavy metal, progressive rock, glam, and funk; punk was born in the 70s and so was rap. Yeah, it also spawned disco, but we can’t have everything. Besides, this song is a 70s disco song and it totally rules:
  5. When I was in Kindergarten, our teacher asked us to draw a cat. Nobody could figure out how to draw the mouth. I drew an upside-down triangle for a nose with a J and a backwards J, like so:
    graycat-iphoneThe teacher liked it so much, she showed it to the class and I spent the rest of the time drawing triangles and Js on everyone’s cat. She thought I was artistically gifted and got me a scholarship to Cranbrook Academy of Art, an expensive and highly respected art school in Michigan. I went to a few weekend classes and loved it. My grandmother, a graduate of Cornell University at a time when women didn’t do things like that, thought art wasn’t a proper trade for a young lady. I didn’t draw again for many years. And now I make my living as an artist. Suck it, Gram. Encourage your children, folks. It’s important.
  6. 10 jobs I’ve had in my life (in chronological order):
    1. Parking lot attendant
    2. Box office sales rep
    3. Phone customer service rep (I was really terrible at it)
    4. Receptionist (I taught myself the computer at this one)
    5. Systems administrator/Tech support (from not knowing PC to tech support in one job leap–that’s how I roll)
    6. Telecommunication services (making all those prompts work when you call an automated phone system–”press one for Goldfish”)
    7. Marketing Manager (I wasn’t very good at this one either since I don’t know what makes people tick.)
    8. Senior Business Development Manager (But I got promoted anyway)
    9. Graphic Designer
    10. Art Director (current)
  7. 10 things I call my dog (her name is really Isabel):
    1. Iz
    2. Isaboop
    3. Boo
    4. Piglet (given to her by Male)
    5. Schweinehund (pig dog in German)
    6. Monkey, bear or monkeybear
    7. Pig butt (I’m not sure what that even means)
    8. Monkeybearpigdogelephant (all in one run-on word)
    9. Adorkable
    10. Ferocious Killer
  8. 10 things I call my cat (his name is really Fu):
    1. Foop
    2. Fussybritches (that’s actually his full name)
    3. Fuss
    4. Fudoh (after the Japanese movie)
    5. Fatbot
    6. Fats
    7. Big fat (my sister’s cat is little fat)
    8. Fat man (my sister’s cat is little boy–droppin’ bombs)
    9. Lazy sack of cat
    10. Shithead
  9. 10 things I do every day (besides autonomic and/or human functions):
    1. Coffee (always number one)
    2. Pick up dog poop
    3. Listen to music
    4. Type on a keyboard
    5. Look at the sky
    6. Hug a cat and a dog
    7. Stare at my phone
    8. Get lost in thought
    9. Look for the moon (I don’t always find it)
    10. Try to identify the constellations
  10. 10 songs I’ve listen to in the last hour or so:
    1. The Dead Weather – Jawbreaker
    2. Trauma School Dropouts – Bang Bang LuLu
    3. Frank Sinatra – I Get A Kick Out Of You
    4. Celtic Frost – Procreation (Of the Wicked)
    5. Jean Sibelius/St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra – Karelia I. Intermezzo
    6. The Meatmen – Meatmen Stomp
    7. The Andrews Sisters – One-Two-Three O’Leary
    8. Torche – Triumph of Venus
    9. The Treacherous Three – Body Rock
    10. Motörhead – I’m Your Man

Well, my list turned into a meta list of lists, because when all else fails, I can always list 10 random things.

To complete the random, here’s a fat bear wearing a jetpack for absolutely no reason.

JetBear by mnrART (mnrart.deviantart.com)
JetBear by mnrART

And now, according to my itinerary, I do believe it’s nap time. Less talk. Much nap. Lates.