Taboo Topic: Cats

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Hi there. I owe Merbear a guest post because she’s a winner! Specifically, she won the Fish Of Gold Mad Lib Challenge Part 2 because she’s hilarious. Since I’m writing on the wrong blog, I thought I’d steal Merbear’s Taboo Topics theme and talk about cats.

I have a cat. My cat is, well, how can I put this delicately… dumb as a box of ferrets. Not that ferrets are necessarily stupid (I don’t really know many ferrets), but having a whole box of them is dumb, no? Anyway, the point is, my cat is not too bright.

Here’s a basic chart of feline intelligence based on thorough scientific research:

felineintelligenceSee that? My cat drags the whole species down. Fortunately, he was fixed when I rescued him so he won’t do any permanent damage.

My dumb cat presents a case study on diminishing return of intelligence; not only is…

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