Yesterday…kind of sucked.


What’s the best thing that happened to you yesterday?

Hm. What can be said about a Tuesday? This particular Tuesday was worse than most. Not THE worst, but not great either. It started off badly because I thought it was Wednesday. Let’s go through the events of Tuesday, née Wednesday, and see if we can determine what was best about it.

I was awakened early due to the impending arrival of the team of electricians who have been teeming around my house since Saturday upgrading my electrics so the entire shebang does not catch on fire, which apparently was a possibility given the antiquity of our wiring.

The day started out with poop–literal poop since my dog decided to relieve herself on the floor overnight for the second night in a row. Holding a bag full of said poop, expecting to just duck out the front door and drop it in the trash can that lives there, I saw that the can was actually all the way out at the street since it was trash day. Crap. Well, poop needs disposing. I was barefoot, clad in a bathrobe and sporting my best bedhead when I ran into the foreman in the driveway. Good morning!

I went to work where I was assaulted by a deadline before I even had my first cup of coffee. I did not stop all day. I answered at least fifty phone calls from our inventory department, each one ending with something that I had to do. It got to the point where I hadn’t completed the last changes before they would call again. Finally, at the end of the day, I had a handle on things.


After work, I went out for coffee with the boy and the dog. The coffee shop was out of newspapers so I couldn’t read what was happening in the world, but I had delicious coffee. We went to the dog park where my dog ran around like a crazy fool playing with any dog who would play with her. I played with a German shepherd puppy named Mika. I wanted to trade my dog for her. Not that I really would have, but I would have taken her home with me. I told her owners, “If you ever get tired of your adorable dog…” They chuckled. I am a sucker for German shepherds and a sucker for puppies, but both together is just too much.

We went out to dinner afterward only to find out that the boy didn’t have his wallet and the coffee place had neglected to give my damn bank card back. Well, shit. I called the coffee place and they had, in fact, not returned my card and were still in possession of it, but they were just about to close. Good job. As a result, I didn’t have dinner last night. Thanks, coffee place!

I got home to a total mess of a house, new light fixtures, randomly functioning and non-functioning electrical sockets, no food–I haven’t gone shopping because we’ve had inconsistently available power, and a blinking alarm clock, which I had to set for the fourth day in a row due to previously mentioned inconsistently available power.

So, let’s see, the best thing that happened yesterday… Could it be the poop? The electricians and the general disorder of my house? The constant barrage of work for 9 hours? The fact that a coffee place stole my bank card, thereby making me skip dinner? Actually, I think it might have been the dogs. Or the coffee… hm… nope, the dogs win.

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