One Fish, Blue Fish

You may have noticed it looks a little different around here. I got bored again, especially with my sedate, pastel-like colors.

The problem with having a goldfish as your mascot is that it limits your color palette. Goldfish need to inspire some sort of goldish color. So, for the past five years, since I really hate the color gold, the fish has been a sort of peach color. It’s as close to gold as I wanted to venture.

Hi, I’m Goldfish. You may recognize me from such blogs as Fish Of Gold.

But, do goldfish really need to be gold? What kind of literal world am I living in where cartoon goldfish need to be gold? That’s silly talk!

So, for the first time since I started this blog, the fish got a makeover. At first, I used this one, which I didn’t like much. Its eyes seemed somehow creepy and/or over-enthusiastic with the missing eyelids. It doesn’t have that special smug/dopey/you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me look that I’ve become so used to as my mascot.
So, I went back to the drawing board, literally and just changed the original Goldy to blue.

Much better. I really liked the dark blue background and the more squarish setup, but I couldn’t find a theme I liked that had a more squarish logo and I thought the dark blue field looked strange in a sea of white anyway, so I went back to this one.
And there we have it. I liked the bubbles, but in a horizontal design, I couldn’t find a place to put them where they weren’t awkward, so they had to go. I might use them for something else in the future.

Anyway, expect more futzing to come since I’m not entirely thrilled with this theme. Depending on how many changes I’m able to make with CSS, it might change again, but at least this theme was free. Free is good.

Do you get bored with themes? How often do you give your blog a makeover? Do you like the blue fish?

UPDATE: So, I switched themes again since I wrote this post, and after all that hullabaloo about the blue fish, I went back to peach (for now). Thanks for all the opinions, folks.