Hello, World Part Deux

In honor of today’s opening of the London 2012 Summer Olympics, I’m going to take a look at how my international friends are doing vis-à-vis stopping by this blog, thereby helping me to reach my goal of a visit from every country on earth.

Country Stats on WordPress started on February 25, 2012, so we’ve got some catching up to do. Last time we looked at the stats, this blog had been visited by people from 105 different countries. In just shy of two months, we have a few new additions, but not as many as I had hoped.

I’d like to give a big FOG welcome to The Bahamas, Tunisia, Armenia, Oman, Kenya, United Republic of Tanzania, Seychelles, Suriname, El Salvador, Syrian Arab Republic, Gabon, AP and EU. I’m not even sure those last two are countries, but anyway, WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by. The rest of the world is seriously lagging in their Fish Of Gold visitations, not like you.

In the spirit of the international competition of the Olympics, I’ve created standings for you, my international community, that compare country stats now to where we were in May. The rank is in order of number of visitors from each country as defined by WordPress. Feel free to try to boost your country’s numbers. Good luck! Let the games begin!

Way to go, Saudi Arabia! Jordan and Afghanistan, I am disappoint. See you next time!