Harken O Ye Foggers

The Royal Fishbowl Castle

This is a public notice for users of Fish Of Gold.

Fish of Gold, hereafter referred to as FOG, would like to welcome new members to the fishbowl. Just like a regular fishbowl, there’s not much to do in here. FOG offers a vast array of posts on various topics, 452 posts to be precise, not including this one. Management encourages you to go treasure hunting to see what you can dig up, since honestly, FOG has no idea what lurks in those 452 posts (FOG assumes no responsibility for what you find). Some of those posts have never seen the light of day.

FOG has the occasional image, poll or pop quiz for you to answer, but generally, activities involve reading. Maybe one of you will create a FOG video game where you can smite evildoers or something, but until then, activities here mostly involve reading things in English. Management hopes that this won’t be too terribly inconvenient for you. Feel free to remove yourself from the fishbowl if all of this reading business ever becomes a problem.

Aside from reading, one activity that management heartily encourages is leaving your own words in the comment form for others to read and discuss. FOG very much supports an interactive community. This blog may have an autocratic government, but that doesn’t mean it’s a totalitarian régime. The Goldfish, supreme chief of the fishbowl, is a reasonable ruler with an ear to the ground. In other words, please, feel free to make comments and suggestions without fear of reprisal. Really.

As of this post, there are 59 new fish in the fishbowl since Dear Santa was Freshly Pressed yesterday. Do not panic! There is enough room for all of you and more. FOG could accommodate as many fish as there are in the sea, but management prefers to keep the number on the lower side. Goldfish, our beloved leader, tends to be shy and thousands of fish would likely make her retreat further into her castle.

The Royal Fishbowl Castle
The Royal Fishbowl Castle. Please stop by for a chat and a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer).

FOG thinks quality over quantity is always best. 59 is a nice number. Mixed with the scads of fish who were already here, FOG now has a small army. There are no current plans to invade. You will be given plenty of notice if you are called up to serve.

To the fish who have been here for a while, please, be nice to your new neighbors. It is not their fault that they didn’t know about the fishbowl before. Management discourages fighting. Any members, old or new, caught partaking in fisticuffs will be summarily tsk-tsked.

To the new members, Worshipful Leader Goldfish will be making the rounds to your blogs to see what’s what. With so many of you, it might take some time since, unfortunately, FOG’s benevolent master also has a day job.

Well, that about sums it up. Feel free to explore and make friends. If you have any questions, please, just ask. Thanks for joining FOG’s school of fish.


The Management.

It's the coolest because I drew it.
This is a collector’s item now.

This post is a half-assed attempt at the Weekly Challenge.