My Dream House

Describe your dream home… house, location and grounds.

Guh. What’s next, Plinky? Am I to describe my dream wedding dress that, as a female, I supposedly concocted when I was five years old while playing with Barbie dolls and having tea parties? I don’t have a dream house nor a dream wedding in mind. I never did. I never even had a Barbie doll. That simple fact certainly does explain a lot. Dream house…fine. You asked for it.


My dream house would be a lot like the evil lair that I would build if I had unlimited resources, only it might not be quite so evil. I would have my own kingdom with a big fence all the way around to keep the riffraff out, preferably on my own island so as to be easily defensible. Maybe I’d buy one of the smaller Hawaiian islands.

Inside my gigantic island compound, would be all my friends. Each would have their own private house so they weren’t constantly under foot. There would be a clubhouse in the middle where we could all hang out. My compound would have grocery stores and the like, with products at a very reasonable markup, so you would never have to leave if you didn’t want to.

I would imagine that if I had my dream house, I would also have the unlimited resources to run it. In that case, I would have a science lab on the grounds. This lab would contain many scientists, not necessarily the evil kind, who would all be working towards making the world a better place. I’d have one team assigned to curing cancer, another devoted to AIDS, a third working on interstellar transportation faster than the speed of light, and a fourth busy trying to create dragons. Because if the the world contained dragons, it would certainly be a better place.

If my scientists could create dragons, I would be very happy indeed. Especially, if they were the kind of dragons that could fly and breathe fire. I would have my own little dragon pen on the south side of the island. I could train them as guard dogs and keep them as pets. If they were the kind of dragons that could fly, it would certainly be convenient, not to mention environmentally sound, to fly the dragons to the mainland for supplies. Yes, dragons would be imperative for any sort of dream house.
This nonsensical train of thought is continued in the post Dragon Genesis.

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