Fuck Yes, I’m Against Swearing

I think it’s ridiculous that an adult should be able to say whatever they want without censorship. Of course, there are times where swearing is entirely appropriate, e.g. screaming swear words loudly in front of children or calling your boss a cunt to his face, but most of the time, I am completely in favor of the deprivation of first amendment rights.

The way I see it, if you are a sentient adult, and you run across someone on the television or on the internet who’s spewing obscenity, you shouldn’t need to have the good sense to be able to process the information like an adult and remove yourself from that which is not to your liking. Instead, you should take views expressed using filthy words as an affront to the constitutional right to free speech and complain to the nearest source of authority about them. And, if you are not a consenting adult, you should have free rein over everything without any parental supervision at all. I don’t believe that parents should raise their children, but that the internet, television and multinational corporations should do it for them.

Personally, I welcome having the government and private corporations tell me what I can and cannot say. I’d rather not make informed decisions on what is alright for me to watch, read, listen to, believe. I prefer that a corporation like Walmart or a government agency like the MPAA do my thinking for me. It saves me from having to be exposed to original thought or unorthodox ideas. I relish “Terms of Service” that don’t allow people to express views that might not be the same as mine.

The last thing we need in this world is unbridled, uncensored thought, creative expression or freedom of speech. Someday, maybe we can get all the fucks, shits, cocksuckers, taintlickers, motherfuckers and goddammits banned so we can all live in a world full of sunshine and lollipops with absolutely no dissent or individuality.

My hope is that, one day, we can do away with that annoying first amendment altogether, and make this a homogenized world where everyone is the same and everyone is afraid to speak their mind. Maybe we can even replace the current amendment with one that punishes such behavior with prison like they had in the Stalin-era Soviet Union. This country needs more unconstitutional McCarthy Hearings. The very least we should do is abolish free speech for people who don’t agree with me.

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