Enigman & White Dwarf

Today’s Prompt: Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

What would happen if a human and a dwarf star fell in love?

From the critically acclaimed author of Where Did I Put My Sunglasses? and Space Unicorns & More comes a new tale of intrigue, treachery, friendship and forgiveness.

Enigman Startlehopper, an overconfident young Captain, is assigned to the Starship Hopscotch. He owes his hasty Starship Captain promotion to inadvertently foiling a plan for a hostile takeover of the Milky Way Galaxy by none other than Earth’s arch enemy, the Pleatherians.

Enigman soon finds out that his crew are misfits, cast off and unwanted by the rest of the military, including a deaf second in command, a blind pilot, and a one-legged engineer. Enigman refuses to write them off, grudgingly earning their respect and forging a crew.

The Captain accidentally discovers that the Hopscotch is to be sacrificed as a diversionary tactic to protect the main fleet. Not wanting to die a hero, let alone die, Enigman gambles on a hopeless solution. Just as they are about to be vaporized by the Pleatherians, the Hopscotch is thrown into a wormhole.

In their quest to get back to Earth, the Hopscotch encounters strange cultures, hostile and friendly aliens, and as if things weren’t complicated enough for Enigman, in a backwater solar system, the Captain finds love among the stars with a white dwarf. Can a romance between man and white dwarf star overcome the odds? Will they survive long enough to make it home?

Full of stunning space violence, epic space battles, lovable space midgets, inspirational space handicaps, heartbreaking space romance, fast-paced space dialogue, and the first-ever space unicorns, Enigman And White Dwarf is classic science fiction: An over-the-top thrill ride that will leave you breathless and begging for more. Like space itself, this science fiction masterpiece is vast.

“An epic thrill ride that will leave you breathless and begging for more!”
– Thomas Hardy, The Whittaker Tribune.

“Where can I find a white dwarf of my own? Five epic space stars.”
– Nancy Kinkaid, The Gloucester Globe.

“If you thought Space Unicorns & More was full of space unicorns and more, wait until you read this one!”
– Clancy Divine, The Union City Herald.