The Awkward End Scene

Fare thee well, bloggerdom. This is my final post. In the immortal words of Dylan Thomas Shakespeare, I will not go gentle into that good night. No longer mourn for me when I am dead, I will rage against the dying of the light.  *cough*  Have no fear. As long as I can take breath, I will fight. *cough* Getting weaker… Fading… Good bye, mes amis. Before I go, some parting words.

Deathbed scene from Wuthering Heights. Laurence Olivier can mourn over me any time he likes.

This is the scene in the movie where the lover rushes to the deathbed of their loved one just in time to listen to dying salutations of love or some awful confession that the lover is then forced to forgive in the final minute before the loved one departs peacefully with one last sigh.

In my movie, my loved one rushes to my bed, holds my hand, tearful confessions are made… then I recover from my illness or it takes me another three days to die and my loved one is at home taking a shower at the time.

In other words, this is awkward. I’m not actually dying. I mean, I’m dying in the human sense that we all are, but I’m not dying today. At least, I hope not. No one has informed me to that effect. Also, I’m not really quitting the blog game. I rather like blogging. It helps me keep my head on crooked.

My awkward confession is that the Daily Post told me that I “have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.” That’s an awfully dour prompt, don’t you think?

I’d like to think that my departure would leave a gaping, sucking chest wound in the internet and it would bleed out in a matter of minutes without me. That’s probably not the case. While the internet has myriad examples of chests, it doesn’t really have one of its own to wound. You know what I’m saying. Vive l’internet!

So, my precious readers, I hope that you’ve enjoyed my shenanigans. If nothing else, I’d like to imagine that I made each of you chuckle to yourselves slightly at least once. That would make me happy.

I don’t expect that much of what I’ve written here will be read after I’m gone, since much of what I’ve written here hasn’t been read while I’ve been here, but I hope that from time to time, the occasional errant search engine will lead an unsuspecting searcher here and they will find not at all what they were looking for. If that happens, I hope they don’t instantaneously hit the back button on their browser, but read a paragraph or two before returning to the rest of the internet.

In any event, I’ll be gone, so I guess it doesn’t really matter what I think.

Remember to feed the cat and dog. They’ll likely miss me (or minimally, they’ll miss the food I give them).

Keep on keepin’ on, my internet friends. Bonne chance!