My Personal Sculptor

Daily Post prompt: Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing or event from the last year of your life. What’s the statue of and what makes it so significant?

I can’t talk long. Pierre, my personal sculptor will be over any time now to immortalize 2012. He’s already created sculptures of me for every room of my estate as well as the garden, so I need to think of new things for him to sculpt. Times are hard in the sculpture business and I don’t want to see Pierre starve to death.

I’m not sure how I feel about the water spitting in his latest sculpture of me, but at least it’s coming from the mouth.

So very fancy.

Anyway, what sums up 2012 for me?

Not a lot changed for me this year. I had the same job, the same house, the same Male, the same friends… 2012 was really a year of not much change or progress in my personal life. I suppose that could be viewed as a good thing. I didn’t have much to mourn or shake my impotent little fists at the heavens for, but I didn’t have much to celebrate either.

The problem is that things were supposed to change this year. I was supposed to go back to school. That didn’t happen… again. I make too much money for financial aid, but not enough to pay for it myself. I’ll keep at it though.

So, what else changed?

This blog changed a bit. I wrote 116 new posts this year (477 total posts, not including this). That’s less than last year, but more than when I started. Fish Of Gold has a lot of new people floating around. It’s really nice to wake up to multiple comments from people who weren’t here last year. It’s entertaining to see people interacting with my blog in a way they haven’t before, e.g. the Mad Lib Contest. It’s spiffy to see things that I’ve written reblogged by others. It’s amazing that people read and reference my stuff at all.

I think I’m going to have Pierre do a sculpture for 2012 of all the people who read my blog. It will be the most eclectic sculpture ever with dinosaurs, sunflowers, dogs, cats, pandas, Stormtroopers and lots of unique faces. It will be epic.

It won’t be a huge sculpture–it won’t even take up a quarter of the west lawn–but it will be bigger than just a single fish spitting water into the metaphorical internet. That wasn’t always the case.

Thank you, my internet friends, for reading and commenting on my shenanigans. You have made my year.

It's the coolest because I drew it.