Reader Fodder

It’s not that I don’t absolutely adore all of you who have the great and mighty privilege of holding a permanent place in my WordPress reader, because I do, but I want more reading material. I feel like I’m missing out on some great stuff in the blogo-spheri-hemi-globe. I know y’all must read some blogs that I’m missing out on. Missing out is not fun.

I’m asking you, yes you, to recommend a few blogs that you think are neat, particularly if they’re funny. Funny is good. I like funny. They don’t have to be funny though. They could be interesting or thought provoking or just generally have lots of unicorns and fire-breathing dragons. That would work, too.

I know a lot of you read the same blogs I do and I would ask that you recommend blogs that I don’t subscribe to already. I’m not sure exactly how you will know whether I subscribe to a blog already… I guess I didn’t think that through. Can you read my mind? If you can, do that. If not, well, you can see my comments and likes on blogs that both you and I have visited, so that’s a pretty good indication that I was there.

For your time, please, take a unicorn pencil topper of your choice:

They’re creepy when you line them up like that. Their hollow, dead eyes looking into your soul…
Image from coolpencilcase

From the website I stole the picture from:

“Use them daily or collect them, which ever you choose! Either way, you and all of your friends will fall in love with these erasers from the Unicorn eraser collection! Buy one of each and trade with your friends, or buy one to use daily in your pencil pouch. An amazing feature of these erasers is that they are β€œpencil toppers,” they go right on top of your pencil so as to use it as, well, an eraser! The different Unicorn erasers included in this delightful collection are the pastel colors of purple, gold, green, yellow, pink, and blue. Pick yours and have fun!”

Someone had to write that.

I’m really not sure why I’m asking since I’ve barely had time to read the blogs I already follow lately, but I guess I’m greedy. Gimme gimme gimme.