FOG’s Best of 2014

It’s mid-December, which can only mean one thing; year-end lists! Well, not to be outdone, I do my own. For the second year in a row, I bring you my personal favorite FOG posts from 2014.

I’ve selected three per month, because I’m so awesome that choosing is hard. I wrote just over 300 posts this year, which might be a record.


History Lessons With Goldfish: American Revolution Part 1
The first part of my history lessons series. It’s been almost a year now and I still haven’t finished it.

To Anyone Who’s Ever Said, “Why don’t they just leave?”
This is one of the most important posts on domestic violence I’ve ever written.

The Most Comforting Words In English: Restraining Order
The story of how I got my restraining order.


Hug Her Back
This is probably the most personal fiction I’d written on my blog up to this point about child abuse as seen through the eyes of a teddy bear.

Favorite Children’s Lit
A list of my favorite books when I was a kid.

A Day At The Lake
Don’t go near the water!


One Night In Summer
A Freshly Pressed post about going back in time and beating the crap out of the asshole who sexually abused me as a child.

Remind Me Never To Shop At Hobby Lobby
A ranty screed on why Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court suck.

I Don’t Like Charming People
On reacting to people after an abusive relationship.


Of All The Things He Took From Me
A discussion of all the ways child sexual abuses messes with you.

Do One Thing
Your regular reminder of how short life really is.

Missed Connections
A 50 word story on chance.


We Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
A tribute to Maya Angelou related to my own experiences.

12 Things We Did Before Technology
For all you young’uns, I explain how, back in the day, it was uphill both ways.

10 Ridiculous Things People Say About Depression
Addressing some common misconceptions about depression.


Well-Known Facts: On This Day…
Damn, I forgot all about this feature on WKF where I talk about “on this day in history.” I should do another of these soon.

The Night I Killed The Clutch
Yet another of my embarrassing drunken stories.

Put These In The Suck Column
A funny list of things I’m no good at.


The Dwarf Making Sweet, Sweet Love To The Skeleton
This is the beginning of a short story I’ve been continuing. So far, there are six parts. I’m having a hell of a lot of fun writing it.

Boston To Los Angeles
A fictionalized account of a real trip I took moving from one ocean to the other.

Anatomy Of A Night’s Sleep Part 2
Wherein I draw and name all the positions my dog sleeps in.


Coming Out Of The Depression Closet
I openly discuss depression after the death of Robin Williams.

I Can Never Go Home
A bittersweet look at my home town and why I can’t live there again.

On Betrayal
Discussing how I’ve been betrayed by everyone twice in my life.


The Legacy Of Religion
All the ways hatred in the name of religion is wrong.

10 Things I Think But Would Never Say Out Loud
A funny look at the horrible inner workings of my brains.

Life Goes On Except When It Doesn’t
How difficult it is sometimes to live on with depression.


The Story Of The Wrong Party
A true story of how I ended up at the wrong party one night.

The Five Of Us
A visual flash fiction story and one of my favorites that I’ve written this year.

Screw You, Cindy Lou Part 2: The Epic Conclusion
The conclusion of the story of the traffic ticket.


Nano Poblano Blog Hop Story – An Ending of Sorts
The collaborative story of the year!

Awkward Moments With Goldfish Part 5
The latest in the series of awkward moments.

Synesthesia & Art
Some of the ways that synesthesia and art interact.


People Suck: A Visit To The Animal Shelter
Please consider adopting a pet.

The Survival Instinct
One how we survive sometimes even against our will.

Since it’s only the 18th, I’m hoping I’ll post something extra inspirational before the end of the year to fill the third spot.