Happy Unicorn Appreciation Day!

Yup, it’s that time of year again. The day we celebrate the imaginary holiday I invented in 2014 that is apparently celebrated with unicorn horns, stilts and three magical wishes, because why not?

My holiday will be Unicorn Appreciation Day on 1/11 since 1 most closely resembles a unicorn horn.

  1. Will you celebrate Unicorn Appreciation Day by wearing the traditional horn and stilts this year?
     I love the fact that searching “Unicorns on stilts” actually produces results. This truly is a golden age in which we live. (www.flickr.com)
  2. If you had your own unicorn, what would you name it? Mine’s named Stanley.
  3. What three wishes will you ask the magical unicorn to grant you this Unicorn Appreciation Day?

Last year, a bunch of people surprisingly celebrated it for no good reason at all.

For UAD 2016, I thought I’d share some unicorns from my personal collection, most of which are actually courtesy of my wonderful bloggy friend Alex, who generously sends me little unicorns throughout the year, keeping the spirit of the holiday alive.

My unicorn collection now includes the fabled Lego unicorn written about by Holly at Bloggity Ramblings. Woot!

This year, my three magical wishes will be:

  1. No more crap. Seriously, I’ve had enough crap for a lifetime.
  2. Someone bring me some decent coffee. STAT.
  3. A safe and happy holiday to all.