Happy Unicorn Appreciation Day!

Today is 1/11 or as the Brits write it, 11/1. That means it’s time to celebrate the magical unicorn in all of us. My personal unicorn, Stanley, will be hosting the FOG festivities this year. Say hello, Stanley.


Stanley doesn’t speak so much as project thoughts telepathically. He’s rather shy and isn’t used to all of this attention.

He’d like to start by personally thanking those of you who’ve celebrated already including:

Not a Punk Rocker Stanley is very sorry you didn’t get his likeness in the great Lego search.

Evil Squirrel He laughed at impaling the possum, but it was a nervous laugh since he doesn’t approve of violence.

Draliman On Life Even though he was very taken aback by the advert, he loved your drawings and poetry.

Amusing Nonsense Stanley didn’t much care for that first video, but he said he’s never been to Candy Mountain and would like to go now.

To Breathe Is To Write He very much approves of that bicycle and is sad that unicorns cannot ride them. He also encourages all readers to donate to Jackie’s fundraiser for a new bed.

Knocked Over By A Feather Stanley said don’t stop believin’, Mer. I think the Journey reference was coincidental.

Excerpts From Nonexistent Books Stanley thanks you for the well-researched posts on unicorn traditions worldwide. Hopefully, it will dispel some myths. Knowledge is power.

Breathing Space
for her magnificent “fat-bottom” unicorn drawing!

He gave a hearty neigh and hooves to at all your posts, and would like to thank you for celebrating the day in his honor.

Also, a big hooves up to Alex at Excerpts from Nonexistent Books for sending this amazing likeless to us in time to celebrate Unicorn Appreciation Day. Stanley loves it and insisted that I put it in a place of honor in FOG HQ. If you don’t follow Alex’s blog already, you should and not just because he sent us this awesome purple unicorn.


Don’t forget to pick up your complimentary unicorn horn and traditional stilts at the door, and you’ll find the open bar in the Waldorf room. The jousting competition will begin at 4pm and the masquerade ball starts at 8 pm.

Stanley wanted me to remind everyone to celebrate responsibly. We don’t want you falling off your stilts or accidentally impaling someone with your horn. He would feel terrible about it. He’s a very sensitive chap.

Happy Unicorn Appreciation Day, everyone, and thanks for celebrating!