A Crytter Conclusion

For aeons now, I’ve been working on a cryptid calendar.

Well, kids, I’m happy to announce that it is finally complete! I present the final crytter™, the werewolf:


Werewolf is also available in an array of fine products as a regular arctic wolf here. Really, the only difference between the two is the eye color.

I finally looked up the size of the images I need for a calendar and what I had already done was wrong. I put out a rectangular feel and what’s needed is more of a square vibe, so I had to redo the other months. Good times that could have been avoided had I looked up the size in the first place. Pffft to planning ahead.

Anyway, here’s the rest of it, most of which you’ve already seen:

cerberus chupacabra Dragon ghost deer griffin pegasus jackalope phoenix rainbow serpent Unicorn Yeti

And there you have it! Twelve whole months of crytters and only 13 days late! Buy your own here. I’m going to order one for my boring-ass office (I mean, cubicle), so I’ll let you know how they are. I keep spending my Redbubble earnings on Redbubble stuff. It’s not a very sound business strategy.

By the way, when you order a calendar on Redbubble, you can start it with any month you want. I started mine with February since January is half over.

I’m also going to make my calendar crytters into cards (and maybe coffee mugs).

Phew! Now, what the hell am I going to draw?