FOG Meet & Greet

You may have noticed that I’ve been fiddling with FOG again. Or, if you’re like me who didn’t even notice when your sister chopped inches off her hair, you probably didn’t notice that I’ve been fiddling with FOG again.

In any event, I’ve been futzing again. All the signs you see in the sidebar are actually old. Last year, I hand drew all those signs (even the little screws and nails holding them on the posts), added links, put them up on my site for a week or two, and then took it all down. Why? I don’t know. So, I put them back up.

Anyway, in my tinkering with widgets, inevitably, I came across the blogroll. Ugh. The blogroll.

I like having one, because I like promoting the rest of you, but there are blogs on my blogroll that haven’t been active in a very long time. While I have a ton of blogs on my blogroll, I have the widget set to show 20 random links at a time. If you refresh, you’ll see a new set of links, a lot of which aren’t even active anymore.

I haven’t been outside of the fishbowl much these days to read the rest of your blogs, so I don’t know who’s still around and who isn’t. Plus, the thought of taking the time and effort to go through and weed out the dead blogs (I always think people will come back some day), makes me wince, so I thought I’d get you to do it for me in a roll call post of sorts.

I know a lot more of you read this blog than comment or even like my posts. The numbers don’t lie. Or maybe they do. Shifty numbers. Never trust a number (especially if that number is generated by WordPress).

Anyway, according to numbers, there are over 8000 of you, but I don’t get nearly that many comments. Taking spambots into account, that still leaves maybe a few hundred of you. If you read, but don’t comment, here is your chance. Why are you here? How did you find FOG?

If you have a blog of your own, here is your chance to promote it. Introduce yourself, tell us about your blog and why we should read it. Maybe someday, you’ll wind up on my blogroll if I ever have the energy to update it.

Go ahead. Don’t be shy.

Oh, and by the way, WP sent me this:

Screen shot 2015-05-01 at 9.20.14 AMThat means Fish of Gold has existed for six years since I was on Blogger for a year before I came here. Yay me.