Write For Me

STMNDbadgeI just realized that it’s almost my turn to admin at Stories That Must Not Die again.

I’ve barely been able to maintain this blog lately and I’ve completely slacked on STMND. I’ve been so self-absorbed in my woe-is-me that I haven’t kept up with posts there or anywhere else for that matter.

Six weeks after the death of the love of my life, I’m slowly starting to poke my head out of my grief-hole a little at a time, but honestly, I’m mostly overwhelmed by anything that has even a hint of responsibility about it.

The moral of the story: grief really sucks. It changes everything about you and not for the better.

Normally, in my panicky way, I would have several things I’ve written lined up to fill any gaps in posting by now, but I just don’t have it in me this time, so I’m asking you to help.

If you’re not familiar with STMND, it’s “a place for the stories that are too sad, too strange, too big, too angry, too fierce, too everything.” You can write about anything you’d like as long as it’s honest. No fiction, just stories. You can even submit anonymously.

I need four guest posts for the next two weeks. That’s it. I just need four of you to step up and write something so that I don’t have to, please.

If you’re interested in guest posting at Stories That Must Not Die, email me at pterofish at gmail dot com.

Thanks, y’all.