FOG’s Best Of 2015

Image stolen from because I was too lazy to create my own.

It’s the time of year again for best of 2015 lists! Yay! Or groan. Whichever you prefer.

Anyway, a best of FOG list has become sort of a tradition around here, since this is now the third year in a row I’ve done this. This is the post where I present my favorite Fish Of Gold posts written this year.

This was a hard year for me, and honestly, there isn’t overmuch to celebrate on FOG. Normally, I have to cull posts to list, but this year, I had a hard time coming up with enough to make a list. My usual smartass humor is mostly missing. Still, there were a few gems.

I went through every month in 2015 and picked some of my favorites, presented chronologically. Enjoy.

Image stolen from because I was too lazy to create my own.
Image stolen from because I was too lazy to create my own.

An Open Letter To WordPress

This is the most viral post on all of FOG. Well, the one that went viral in the shortest amount of time anyway. There are several others that still continue to get views years after I wrote them, but this one had a brief, blazing stardom like I wish Kim Kardashian had.

The complaints here are mostly still valid, as evidenced by the fact that, once I publish this, I’ll have to deleted dozens of comments informing me that I just linked to my own damn blog. Besides, it’s actually a pretty funny read. WordPress still hasn’t responded to it.

The Differences Between Dog & Cat Part 4

The latest in the illustrated series where I compare my dog to my cat. You mileage may vary, since neither my dog nor cat are typical examples of their species.

The 10 Hardest Things About Grief

I wrote this three days after I found out that the love of my life died in March. It’s a list of observations I made about grief that I had absolutely no idea about until it happened to me. In short, grief sucks.

Canine Eugenics

On dogs and the horrible human practice of inbreeding them for certain traits. This is why I prefer mutts.

Birds, Rats & Other Dead Things

On discovering several deceased woodland critters in my very urban neighborhood. There’s a bit of humor in here, which is nice to see.

Three Quotes

This might be my favorite post of the year. I went through FOG and picked out some nuggets of wisdom for you.


As is often the case, I started writing about language and ended up talking about so much more. Sometimes, writing takes you places you didn’t intend to go. I find those are the best places.

History Lessons With Goldfish: American Revolution Part 6

I finally finished my history lesson on the American Revolution right before the anniversary of it happening! It ended with fireworks and Abraham Lincoln riding a bear (not really). I should reboot this series. Even though it’s a lot of work for me, it is one of my favorite series on FOG. Anyone have any suggestions on what historical topic I should tackle next?

The Estate of Goldfish

I talk about not having much of financial value and how I’m okay with that. Hanging on to dead ancestor’s furniture isn’t much fun.

Fragile Connections

A pep talk for any bloggers out there wondering if they make any difference with their words. I illustrate how even one silly post can sometimes influence someone’s life in a subtle way.

Awkward Moments With Goldfish Part 7

I have been remiss in writing down the awkward things that happen to me lately. I should remedy that, since you all seem to get a kick out of my awkwardness. I’d recommend reading this whole series to laugh at my awkwardness. Besides, what’s the point of being awkward if you can’t turn it into humorous anecdotes?

In Praise Of Teeth

A story of visiting the dentist for the nth time this year. It’s rare that a dentist ever gives praise. I’m happy with the way this post turned out.


Another pep talk, this time, for all of humanity. I address how people hear my story and diminish their own experiences.

10 Love Songs About Inanimate Objects

This is one of those silly ideas my brain comes up with. I list some of my favorite love songs about inanimate objects. I probably have enough to do a part 2 if I’m ever feeling motivated.

Two Sizes Too Small

A timely true story of this year’s holiday party at the crappiest company ever.