With a little help from our friends

A while ago, I asked you to contribute to a fund to help someone in an abusive relationship get out of it. Well, she’s still there. She’s so close to freedom, but the only thing stopping her is money. Today, she’s sharing her story in her own words at The Matticus Kingdom. If you can, please, help.

The Matticus Kingdom

Hello all you faithful kingdomites,

A couple weeks ago, Sheena set up a GoFundMe page for a friend of ours who is in a tight spot.  In a bit of good news, that mutual friend has found a place they can move to, but need a little bit of help securing the funds for it.  They have until the 20th to do so or will miss out on the opportunity. I asked them to write a bit of their story to share with the kingdom and they agreed, though I know it was hard to do.  So, please, read below and leave some comments of encouragement and support, and, if you can, click on through to the GoFundMe page and leave what you can there as well. 

Thank you,



I’ve never had good luck in relationships. My first serious boyfriend told me after a few months, that he…

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