Find Mouth, Insert Money

As you might know, I’m not rich. In fact, to be precise, I am a member of the elite class of working poor. You know, those paycheck-to-paycheck plebeians who work full-time, yet somehow still can’t afford their own private islands, because, let’s face it, they’re lazy. The unclean, slobbery masses must like being poor, otherwise, why do it, when they could just be rich?


I wasn’t always poor. There was a time when, even though I didn’t have a private island, I had enough disposable income to buy ridiculous baby Mercedes for several toddlers. I had more money than I could spend in a month on regular items like food, clothing and shelter, so I gave a lot of money to charity.

Because I purposely chose not to work at soul-sucking, Conservative, misogynistic douche-bag company or companies like it anymore, I am poor. I never have any savings, and if I do, it rarely stays in savings. My enviable financial status means I don’t have a lot of money for charitable donations. I’ve only made three less than $100 donations this year to Planned Parenthood, The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services and NPR. There’s always someone in need even more than I am and I’m sorry that I can’t help more.

This morning, I saw a plea from Not A Punk Rocker to help an anonymous friend who’s in a very bad situation. I know that situation all too well, because fifteen years ago, I was there.

Knowing Not A Punk Rocker as I do, I know that a) she’s not saying that she has “a friend,” but is actually referring to herself and b) this is not some sort of Nigerian email scam or Lego fund.

But, what to do? It happens to be a midpoint Friday, i.e., it’s the Friday equidistant from when I last got paid and when I will get paid again. In other words, I have no money. I want to help, but how?

Then, I remembered an email from Redbubble that said I got paid a few days ago. Redbubble pays my Paypal account, which is purposely disconnected from my checking account. I do this so that I don’t accidentally spend my Redbubble earnings on bills. I think of it as mad money and I try to do something fun with it.

I have no pressing “fun” on the horizon, so why not spend my mad money on someone who needs help now? I decided to put my money where my mouth is (the title of this post suddenly makes sense now!).

I didn't realize that comment would show in the feed.
I didn’t realize that comment would show up there.

It felt good, because giving feels good (unless you’re a sociopath or villain). Giving to someone who’s struggling with both an abusive relationship and mental health concerns made me feel like I was doing something for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, besides just sharing my story. While that’s important, too, it can’t top helping someone in need at this moment.

Also, because giving is a natural high, starting now, I’m going to get high every month by giving away my Redbubble earnings to charity. Every month I get paid, I will donate to another charity I care about. It’s not much–usually between $20-30 a month–but it’s better than nothing.

If you can, please, consider donating to the Go Fund Me and help a stranger in need. Also, go buy lots of things from my Redbubble shop so I have more money to give away. (Too much?)

Every bit counts.