Testosterone Much?

I read a post at The Dependent Independent in which he mentioned my post on the Grammy’s and another post lamenting the decline of males in the blogosphere.

In linking that post, I may have broken the internet with the amount of meta pingbacks between blogs. Sorry.

I don’t really give much thought to genders on the internet or even in the real world, mostly because we don’t have much choice in the matter. Well, we do have a choice, but it usually involves surgeries and hormone/testosterone treatments, and personally, I am not so un-fond of being female as to go through that.

My point is, I didn’t necessarily want to be a female; it’s just what came out. I’m a female and that’s that. I’ve never known anything else.

Being a female has its benefits and disadvantages, like I’m sure other genders do. Having your junk hanging out where it can get squished seems like a really bad design flaw. Then again, so is having to pee sitting down and boobs are seriously in the way.

I’m not here to debate genders and which is better, because they all kind of suck.

Anyway, Adam’s post got me thinking about my slice of bloggyland. It also made me slightly OCD so that I actually counted comments on the post he linked:

Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 8.20.29 AM

I think that ratio holds fairly true for FOG as a whole, with between 40-60% of my overall readership being of the female persuasion, but I’m honestly not sure. And, well, rather than going around and counting (because lazy), I thought I’d ask you directly.

Let’s prove that there are more dudes around than he thinks with science! And by science, I mean a very unscientific and not very definitive poll!

In the interest of simplicity, I’ve only included two gender choices here. If you are transgender, please pick the gender you most identify with.


Do you agree that the ratio of men to women bloggers is slanting towards women? Why? (Essays of at least 500 words will be due tomorrow.)