Call For Stories

It’s almost that time again. Obviously, I can only be referring to my two weeks as admin over at Stories That Must Not Die. I’ll be running STMND from October 6th through the 19th and I have a few slots open.

We want your stories. I have one post ready to go on eating disorders and body image, so if you’d like to write about that, we could have a mini-theme, but it’s not compulsory. They can be about anything you’d like as long as they come from the heart.

They don’t need to be serious stories. They can be funny stories, stories that you don’t feel comfortable sharing on your own blog, or even stories you don’t want associated with your name since you can post anonymously.

Email me at pterofish at gmail dot com if you’re interested in guest posting. If you would like to submit a story without anyone knowing who you are, you can email it to storiesthatmustnotdie at gmail dot com or submit your story in the STMND form, whichever you feel most comfortable doing.

I know you all have some stories to share. Won’t you help a fish out? You’ll also get this nifty badge for playing along. Thanks and I look forward to reading your stories.

You know you want me.
You know you want me.