Have Yourself A Very…

haPPYFISHMASOr whatever holiday (or not) you’re celebrating today (or some other day). I’m choosing to celebrate Fishmas. It’s like Christmas in the sense that it’s not like Christmas at all anymore. “Mas” means more in Spanish, so Fishmas means more fish. Or it could mean fish more, but I’m not advocating that. My poor brethren are fished enough.

Fishmas is a secular holiday anyone and everyone can celebrate regardless of race, gender, age, or any of the other stupid ways we discriminate against each other. It is all about what used to be the Christmas spirit. You don’t have to buy anything for anyone. It doesn’t involve twinkling lights or trees (although those are nice). All you have to do is say something nice to someone. Hold a door open. Let the old lady have the seat. Wish your neighbor a good morning as you pass them on the street. It’s that simple.

If we’re really good, we can keep the spirit of Fishmas going year round.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around to read my shenanigans for another year. You, who is reading this now, totally rock.

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Merry Fishmas, everyone!