The Differences Between Dog & Cat Part 3

It’s time for another installment of Dog Vs. Cat! Yay!

Dog absolutely loves the car because it usually takes us someplace fun. She still doesn’t understand that I’m the one in charge of the car though.

Cat thinks the car is a giant metal deathtrap because it usually takes us to the vet. Cat totally understands that I’m in charge of the deathtrap and hates me for it.


Dog will growl at me if I try to spoon her while she’s sleeping.

Cat is an excellent spooner. It’s his best quality.


Dog almost asks for permission before pooping. dogspoop

Cat looks like he’s trying to solve a complicated mathematical equation in his head. His “poop face” makes me laugh every time.

Dog will eat dog food.

Cat will eat dog food while the dog sits and watches.


The feeding ritual: Feed dog. Feed cat. Pick cat up from dog food bowl and place him at his own food.