The Differences Between Dog & Cat Part 2

A long time ago, if several months is a long time ago to you, I did a drawing post elaborating on the differences between my dog and cat and I promised a part 2, so here it is. It seems I can only do eight of these little drawings in one go before I’m spent, so there will probably be a part three as well. Anyway, enjoy…

Dog will let me scratch her belly forever.

Cat will allow 10.5 seconds of belly scratchery before the claw trap is sprung.


Dog tolerates her occasional baths.

Cat would plot murder if I so much as thought about getting him slightly damp.


Dog listens to commands 98% of the time.

Cat doesn’t know what a command is.


Dog will sit patiently and wait for food.

Cat will trip me on the way to his bowl because he cannot be arsed to wait.