Quiz Results

The other day, I tested your knowledge of FOG. I thought the questions were relatively easy, but since they were about me, I guess I would think that. It seems the quiz was harder than I anticipated since not one of you got a perfect score. Not one. I am disappoint.

However, maybe I’m not disappointed all that much, because had you gotten a perfect score, I might think you were a stalker or something. So, the good news is, FOG doesn’t have any stalkers. At least, none that took the quiz.

Anyway, on to the results.

Picture 167% of you got this right! Good job!

I was five years old when I got my first cat. Five year olds don’t have a great deal of life experience and they tend to go with what they know. At five, I knew Winnie The Pooh.

Being Tigger is what do what Tiggers do best.
Being Tigger is what do what Tiggers do best.

Although, I do absolutely adore that several of you thought that my five-year old brain was advanced enough to come up with Wadsworth Addington Bumbleton III. Thanks for that.

Picture 246% of you guessed correctly. I thought this one was easy since I have talked so much about Wassily Kandinsky on this blog. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Monet. I have mentioned Pollock before, but I wouldn’t call him a favorite. The only time I mentioned Raphael was to say that I don’t find him all that interesting and that post was just this month. Not one of you guessed Raphael, so good job paying attention!

Picture 3This was another question that I thought would be easy, but wasn’t.

Those of you who guessed coffee need to be severely admonished. Would I write an Ode To Sweet Black Joy if I didn’t live and die by coffee? I think not.

I admit that the garlic and chocolate answers were a little grayer in nature. Although, in the post where I talk about my hatred for onions, I also mention my love of garlic. And I have mentioned how I didn’t like chocolate for most of my life, like a blooming idjut, but now I very much do.

Even though a simple search for “chocolate” or “onion” would have allowed you to answer this question easily, I guess you just guessed. Still, the majority of you guessed correctly, so good job!

Picture 4Nicely done! Almost all of you got this one right.

Picture 5This one was the most “trick” question on here. I can do something with my tongue, but what? I mentioned folding my tongue and even posted a picture here.


Honestly, if I wasn’t me, I would have gotten this one wrong. I probably would have guessed touching my nose with my tongue. Still, 72% of you got it right! You’re better than me!

Picture 6This is the only question on the quiz that the majority of you got wrong. I was originally going to put “been in space” and I probably should have. Had I put that, you all would have gotten it right. I really didn’t think this one would be so hard.

There are exactly 10 posts on this blog that talk about my hatred of a show I’ve never seen. The most recent of which is from October 8th. American Idol became the symbol for all the reality shows like it that I dislike. I want creativity back. Down with reality!

I have been to Europe, just not for a long time. My sister and I went over there for two weeks when I was fifteen years old. Honestly, even I can’t seem to find the post where I talk about that, so I’m not going to fault you for getting this one wrong.

Although, really, it would have been nice if at least one of you thought that I’ve never embarrassed myself.

Picture 7I just knew that some of you would guess “give you all hugs” because you’re the type of people to want to give everyone hugs. However, I am not. I like you, but we don’t have that kind of relationship. I am not the huggy type. I hug friends and family I haven’t seen in a long time. I hug during more lascivious adventures. I hug my dog because she hates it. But generally, I’m not a hugger.

I have always wanted to visit a former city in Finland (Viipuri), which is now part of Russia (Vyborg), where my grandparents emigrated from after World War II. I’ve mentioned wanting to take this trip a lot. If any of you would like to buy me a ticket, I’d be much obliged.

Picture 8I realized after I posted this one that, since I’m blonde, “Bright yellow” could be a bit misleading. I meant this kind of bright yellow:

Image from Manicpanic.com
Image from Manicpanic.com

But, of course, you had no way of knowing that. I almost changed it to bright orange, but I didn’t think it would be fair to those who had already taken the quiz. My bad.

Still, 91% of you got it right, even with my idiocy!

Picture 9Picture 10
The last two questions were gimmes and they had the same results, so I’ll put them together. 96% of you got these right. Nicely done!

Although, a couple of you did guess that I hate unicorns. Tsk tsk.

Well, that was an interesting experiment. If I ever do it again, I’ll give much more thought to the answers since some of those were harder than I thought they’d be. Still, the vast majority of you passed!

Thanks for playing along! This was fun.