Johari Quiz

This week’s Prompt For The Promptless is about The Johari Window:

A method of representing information (regarding feelings, experiences, motivations, intentions, attitudes, etc) – from 4 specific perspectives.  It is a technique to help you understand how you are perceived by others, and how you see yourself.  The perspectives are as follows:

  1. Open area: The things that you about yourself, that others also know about you.
  2. Blind area: The things you don’t know about yourself, but others know.
  3. Hidden area: The things you know about yourself that others do not know.
  4. Unknown self: The things no one knows about you.

Interesting. Alright. Let’s do this thing.

This blog is my open area. You know a lot about me. You probably know that I’m left-handed, synesthetic, grumpy and opinionated. There are so many facts about me on this blog that, if you read the whole thing, you’d get a pretty accurate picture of what I’ve been through, how I’ve dealt with it and who I am. Nobody has ever read the whole thing. Not even me.

Since I can’t possibly know the unknown self or the blind areas, I’ve decided to test your knowledge of FOG’s open area. So, pull out a number two pencil and get ready for a pop quiz!

Stop groaning.

All of the answers to this quiz can be found on this blog somewhere. Or you could just take your best guess. The questions aren’t that hard (if you’re me). Let’s see how you do. Luck!


The quiz is now closed. You can see the responses here.