A Journey Worthy of an Epic


Cast off from the Earth
Make a brief stop on the Moon
Did humans really land here?
Fifty-year-old footprints in the silt

Off to Venus we go
Earth’s sister planet
It’s too hot for me
I hear the Venusian winters are nice

Mercury is too close to the Sun for my liking
Spinning quickly around
Stars moving three times faster across the sky
Its days go by too fast

Passing Earth again
The tiny blue planet
It’s pretty when viewed from above
It doesn’t look so violent from up here

Then to the angry red planet
Into Valles Marineris, westward to Olympus Mons
Mars doesn’t seem very warlike to me
It’s quiet and peaceful here

Passing Io and Callisto
Jupiter, the monster planet
We can’t land here
It’s mostly gas

Saturn with its rings
Named for the god of agriculture
But there’s nothing growing here
It’s not as solid as it looks

Uranus with its odd axis
Poles pointed at the Sun
But the equator is warmer
Behave like a normal planet, would you?

Made of rock and ice
Neptune is blue
Bluer than the sea
And colder still

Pluto with its strange revolution
It’s hardly a planet at all
But it pulls the others off their orbits
Even though it’s the smallest of the bunch

Out of the way to the Milky Way cluster
To the galactic center of Sagittarius
All of the stars that the eye can see
At least 200 billion of them

Over to the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy
2,500,000 light-years away
From the little blue planet
We call home…

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