BOOM… headshot.

I’d like to be able to explode things with my mind. All things really, but mainly heads. If I could explode heads using only the sheer hatred stored within my brain receptacle, I’d forgo being able to explode things like cars and buildings, too. Although, that would come in handy as well.

If I had this power, I would never have to listen to another talking head spewing propaganda again. I would never have to listen to people prattle on about subjects of which they have no knowledge. I’d never have to hear another lie.

“We at [large international conglomerate whose sole purpose is to make money regardless of whom we exploit or hurt in the process] would like to take this opportunity to say that we do care about the people of [insert name of country or region which has been exploited by large international conglomerate]. We’d like to do everything in our power to help these poor people.” LIES… BOOM… HEADSHOT. Next?

“The government of [insert name of a way too powerful country] had no knowledge of the [despicable whatever perpetrated on a country or people who aren’t as powerful]. We were not fully informed of the situation [even though countless documents have been leaked saying they were, in fact, fully aware].” LIES… BOOM… HEADSHOT. Next?

“I’m sorry, ma’am. Even though we sold you on the extended warranty, [something that actually is covered] isn’t covered under it. That will be ninedyleben gajillion dollars.” LIES… Off with your head.

I can see no more practical super hero power than being able to explode things with my mind. In fact, I’ve been practicing already. So far, I haven’t succeeded, but one day soon, if I try hard enough, I think I might be able to explode things with my mind. And that day will be awesome. Oh, yes, awesome will be had in great abundance.

Bwa ha ha.

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