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I wasn’t going to write about the Trump presidency, because there’s just too much to write about. There are too many spinning plates balanced precariously on the end of sticks for us to keep in the air. We, the citizens of the planet, are the plates. The economy, the environment, education, foreign affairs, the working class, immigrants, anyone with skin pigment, anyone who isn’t a Conservative Christian, women’s rights, LGBT+ rights–hell, just equal rights–are in for a bumpy ride.

Welcome to America.
Welcome to The States.

I have become one of those people who doesn’t pay attention to the news. For the first time in several decades, on inauguration day, I listened to music on the way to work instead of the news. At lunch time, instead of following the events, I found a public radio station discussing movies that I don’t care about and will likely never see.

I’m going to handle a Trump presidency the same way I handled eight years of George W. Bush; by not listening to his irksome voice and reading transcripts instead. If you think the words flopping out of Trump’s mouth sound stupid, you should see how idiotic they are when you read them. Trump doesn’t speak in sentences; he speaks in sentence fragments and repetition. Repetition.

How did we let this happen? How did you elect a man who is so patently unsuited for office and is, by even the lowest standards, just a terrible human being? To those of you who are arguing that point now or saying, “Just give him a chance,” his Cabinet picks alone should be enough to give you pause. It’s as if Trump said, “Who is the worst possible person for this job?” and went with it.

For example, his pick for the Department of Education wants to abolish public education, his Department of Energy pick is on record as saying he wants to eliminate the department altogether, and the person he chose to head the Environmental Protection Agency has over half a dozen current lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency, which he could adjudicate himself in his favor.

His choice for Department of Health and Human Services wants to convert Medicare into a voucher program. His Secretary of State is an oil baron with deep ties to Russia. Then, there’s his Department of Treasury pick, a former senior executive at Goldman Sachs, who profited greatly from the financial meltdown he helped start in 2008. He should be in prison, not a confirmation hearing.

There’s the billionaire who refused to pay overtime to his minimum-wage employees for Secretary of Labor, and bringing up the rear is Jeff Sessions, the NAACP and ACLU hater, and straight-up fucking racist for the Department of Justice.

There is something in nearly every cabinet pick’s history or makeup that is diametrically opposed to the post for which they’ve been nominated, with the possible exception of his choices for transportation, defense and homeland security chiefs, which are among his least controversial.

And shocking to no one, Trump’s Cabinet is overwhelmingly white and male. Most of them are billionaires with little to no experience with the positions for which they’ve been given the nod, or for that matter, in government whatsoever.

“If there was ever a group of Cabinet nominees that cry out for rigorous scrutiny, it’s this one,” Senator Charles Schumer, the Democratic minority leader, said on Friday. “The president’s cabinet is a swamp Cabinet, full of billionaires and bankers that have conflicts of interest and ethical lapses as far as the eye can see.” The Atlantic

There’s your “give him a chance” in a nutshell. He had a chance, and he chose rich, white men with fuzzy ethics, but you go on believing that he speaks for the Average Joe. We’ll see how that turns out for you.

I have serious anxiety about the next four years, as should anyone else who doesn’t have “make America great again” blinders on. My only hope is that he fucks up so badly that he’s impeachable… but then there’s Pence.

Here's a little drawing I did for a friend of mine to turn into buttons. Enjoy.
Here’s a little drawing I did for a friend to turn into buttons. Enjoy.

Sigh. How’s your week been?