Throwback Thursday: Schadenfreude

It’s Throwback Thursday again, a concept I relish, because it means that I can make you read a dusty old post and also not post anything new. Win squared.

Anyway, this week’s post was a response to Rarasaur’s Prompts For The Promptless, a series I miss. This post was written exactly three years ago today. As an added incentive, it has a lot of entertaining gifs. Enjoy.

Fish Of Gold

Rarasaur has devised Prompts For The Promptless. Every week, we’re given a new topic to discuss. I have been very lax in my participation since this is the first time I’ve actually, um, participated. Apparently, I mostly suck. This week’s theme is schadenfreude.

Oh, how I love the Germans. Leave it to them to come up with an untranslatable phrase for deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others. I’m a big fan of both the word and its meaning.

That’s not to say that I purposely torture people to gain pleasure from it. Quite the opposite. I usually try to help people avoid potential misfortune when I see it coming, but sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do but let gravity take its course. Really, the only kind of schadenfreude I find funny is FAIL.

There are all different kinds of FAIL, too. The only kind I do not enjoy…

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