Surplus of Owls

I was going about my normal Saturday morning business of consuming much coffee while noodling on the intertubes, when I noticed something about my surroundings; I have a lot of owls.

I have a lot of critters in my home in general, but I seem to have more owls than anything else. This wasn’t intentional on my part. I’m not even all that fond of birds; I’m too jealous of the fact that they can fly and I can’t. I only have two birds in my home that aren’t owls and one of them is a hummingbird my dad carved out of wood.

As soon as I noticed one owl, I noticed another and another, until I started to feel somewhat uncomfortable and paranoid about all the blank owl eyes staring at me. So, naturally, I started taking pictures. Word on the street is that photographing someone captures their soul.

So, today, I’m going to share some of the owls around my abode. Perhaps we’ll turn this into a series and next weekend, I’ll show you all the monkeys.

IMG_0452The first owl I noticed was the guy in the middle since he normally lives on a shelf above my computer. He’s supposed to be some sort of solar owl, where his head turns to and fro in what I imagine to be a creepy fashion when charged by the sun. When I first got him, I put him on my windowsill in the ample sunlight for a week and he didn’t move. Fortunately, he’s never worked properly.

The owl on the left is my own. I drew him and framed him, because I like the colors. You can buy your own here.

The owl on the right melts wax on his head, which is supposed to release a pleasant aroma in the air. It does for a few hours, then the wax just smells like wax.


This owl is one I bought on Redbubble. Before I put my own stuff up for sale there, I was a customer. When I moved into this apartment, I had a surplus of wall space, so I bought some prints. I think this owl is even cuter than the one I drew.


These guys live in my bathroom. The one with a pump on his head dispenses hand sanitizer.

The little guy dispenses lip balm from his butt. It’s not as gross as it sounds. I bought him at a regular store and not second-hand. If I had bought him second-hand, I wouldn’t use the bounty of his butt on my lips. I use a lot of second-hand things, but I draw the line at lip balm.

2013-11-02 08.27.19

This trash can also lives in my bathroom. It was dented when I bought it for $1. I took a hammer to it and smoothed out the dent. Now you can’t even tell. I don’t know how many owls are printed on it, but it’s a lot.


The owl on the left is a card holder and I stuck a card that Rarasaur gave me on his head. It seemed fitting.

The owl in the rose is a print my sister got me at ComicCon last year, and the pink owl is a tin. I have a bunch of tins, because I keep buying them thinking I’ll find a purpose for them, but I rarely do. Sadly, pink owl is still bereft of purpose, but that’s okay.



The blue owl is my favorite of all the owls. I call him angular owl for obvious reasons. He looks like origami and I love the fact that he inadvertently matches the color of my walls almost exactly like a chameleon ninja origami owl.

The little green glitter owl I bought at a thrift store, because he looked sad, and really, who doesn’t need a green glitter owl?

Unless otherwise stated, all of these owls came from thrift stores. As far as I know, that’s all of them, but now I wonder how many more owls lurk in what little shadow there is in my house.

Do you have a lot of one thing in your home? Do you collect random critters from thrift stores just because you’re sad that they’re homeless? Or is that just me? Why did I just refer to all of the owls in this post as “he”?