Who Wants A Card?

Alright, folks. Even though I’m an atheist Jew, it’s Christmas card time. Yay! Actually, it really should have been Christmas card time a week ago if I wanted to guarantee that they’d get there in time, however, I didn’t have the fixins last week. Besides, Unicorn Appreciation Day isn’t until January 11th, so there’s still time to fit in all the holidays.

Only yesterday did I finally get off my rump and go get these:


Now I have greeting cards, envelopes and a fancy new printer to print my own cards, but so far, I’m only sending out three of them to Jackie, Mental Mama and Draliman since they’re the only addresses I have.

Since I have a surplus of greeting cards, I figured I’d ask if anyone else wants one. I’ll send out ten original FOG greeting cards hand drawn by moi (then printed on paper). Three are already spoken for, but the first seven people to send me their address will also get one.

Email your info at pterofish at gmail dot com. Go! Time’s a wastin’!