10 Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard: The Letter H


I have a very large, diverse music collection. This is the series where I share with you some great bands that should be more famous. This post contains bands that start with the letter H (according to my iTunes anyway). I had 23 choices for bands you’ve never heard in the letter H. Here are some of my favorites.

Halfway To Gone

Halfway to Gone is one of my favorite bands. They only made a few albums before they called it quits, but they are glorious. Every single song on their eponymous album is gold. Pure, adrenalin-fueled rock and roll right here.

Origin: New Jersey
stoner rock, hard rock
Years active: 1999-2004


Another fun band. Hammerlock is led by a husband and wife duo who make hard-driving southern rock.

Origin: California
Genre: southern rock, stoner rock, hard rock
Years active: 1995–present


Hammock has only two members, but you’d never know it from their big sound. Beautiful post rock soundscapes. Put it on and close your eyes.

Origin: Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: Post-rock, ambient
Years active: 2004–present

Hands Of Orlac

I could easily see Hands of Orlac as the soundtrack to an old-timey horror movie, which is fitting since their band name comes from one.

Origin: Rome, Italy
Progressive rock, horror rock
Years active: 2009–present

Hank Williams III

This one is sort of cheating since everyone’s heard the name Hank Williams and even Hank Williams, Jr., but not too many are familiar with Hank 3, which is a damn shame because he is just as talented as his grandfather, and in my opinion, even more talented than his father. Hank 3 does pure country like his grandfather, not that new country crap.

For my money, Hank 3 is one of the most talented musicians working today, if for no other reason than the sheer number of genres he writes music in. He has been in a metal band (Superjoint Ritual, which we’ll cover in the Letter S post), a punk band (Assjack) and his own self-titled country band. I love all three.

When I saw him live, he did three entire sets in three different musical genres. The crowd started off with a bunch of country folks in cowboy hats. After the first set, which was the country set, they all took off in disgust. They missed two other sets that were absolutely amazing, because they wouldn’t tolerate anything that wasn’t pure country. I stayed for the whole show and wanted more.

Origin: Nashville, Tennessee
country, hellbilly, outlaw country
Years Active: 1991–present

The Haunted Windchimes

The ‘Chimes as they call themselves are Americana at its best. I absolutely love this guy’s voice. Plus, they have banjo, and as we all know, I am unable to resist the allure of banjo.

Origin: Pueblo, Colorado
bluegrass, Americana, roots, folk
Years Active: 2006-present


Once upon a time, there was a band called Sons of Kyuss from the California desert. They had a unique sound, now called desert rock or stoner rock. In this band were a number of musicians who’ve gone on to make a name for themselves. Most notably, Josh Homme and a couple other Kyuss members formed Queens of The Stone Age. I really only like two songs by QOTSA; they just sound like watered-down Kyuss to me.

On the other hand, I absolutely love everything John Garcia has done, the lead singer for Kyuss. He is a musical King Midas. Hermano was one the bands Garcia was in after Kyuss. They’re awesome and they’re not even my favorite of Garcia’s projects (we’ll get to the others in the letters S and U).

Origin: California
  Hard rock, stoner rock, desert rock
Years Active: 1998–present

Hi Fi & The Roadburners

When rockabilly revival bands like The Stray Cats were making it big in the 80s, Hi Fi were lost in the shuffle and they have been ever since. These guys are so incredibly awesome, I’m ashamed to say that they never really made a name for themselves before they called it quits, but they left us some great music.

Origin: Chicago, Illinois
rockabilly, punk rockabilly
Years Active: 1984-2011


Oooh, Honky. In case you were wondering, this is what became of Pinkus from The Butthole Surfers and I have to say, it’s tits. I love these guys. I’d highly recommend seeing them live if you get a chance.

Origin: Texas
Stoner rock, hard rock, southern rock
Years Active: 1999–present

Hour of 13

Another contemporary horror rock band that would serve nicely as a horror movie soundtrack. Here’s hoping they come back from hiatus soon.

Origin: Hickory, North Carolina
hard rock, horror rock
Years Active: 2006-2013 (hiatus)

More bands you’ve never heard.