Dog People Vs. Cat People


I always thought of myself as an animal person, not a dog person or a cat person. I’ve owned dogs, cats, many reptiles, fish, and even rats, because I can’t imagine not having some sort of pet. Coming home to an empty house doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Growing up, my family always had cats and dogs. As an adult, there have been periods when I didn’t have dogs, but I had cats, because they are just easier to own and don’t require as much attention. Since I got my dog though, it’s become increasingly apparent that I’m actually a dog person. While I love cats and even currently have one hogging my bed, I like dogs better than cats.

Most people tend to associate the traits of dogs or cats to the people who prefer them. Dogs are friendly pack animals, loyal, easy-going, eager to please, and almost needy. Cats are independent, fastidious, solitary hunters that hate change and are not what one would consider friendly to strangers. Of course, there are exceptions in both species.

If you use this criteria, I am definitely much more cat-like than dog-like, but I don’t think it’s really quite that simple. In my experience, things involving human beings are rarely ever that cut and dry.

I currently have both a cat and a dog and my personality shares traits of both. While I am pretty easy-going and loyal like a dog, I am also independent, not very friendly and don’t like change a whole lot like a cat.

This got me thinking about whether dog owners actually are more like dogs, and cat owners are more like their feline companions. So, I’m going to conduct my own very scientific poll.

Please, answer the following questions in the name of SCIENCE! After the poll, you’ll find a link where I explain what the answers you gave mean. I’m not sure if the survey shows you the results or not. If it doesn’t, I’ll post them in a day or so.

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