Dog People Vs. Cat People


What your answers mean.

As much as I joked that this poll was scientific, it’s not. However, there have been studies done on cat owners versus dog owners and how their personalities match their pets. The information below was gleaned from studies and polls.

1 – Do you prefer cats or dogs?

For the purposes of this survey:

  • If you said you prefer cats, you’re a cat person.
  • If you said you prefer dogs, you’re a dog person.
  • If you said both, you are a dog person. People who own both dogs and cats are more like people who own only dogs than they are like people who only own cats.
  • If you said neither, why are you doing this survey?

2 – You currently have

This question is here because you can be a cat person without having any cats and vice versa.

For the purposes of this survey, having a dog or both makes you a dog person, while having only a cat or no animals at all makes you a cat person.

3 – There are          other people in your household.

Cat owners are one third more likely to live alone than dog owners and twice as likely to live in an apartment or flat.

4 – Introvert vs. extrovert

Dog people are generally about 15% more extroverted than cat people.

5 – Traditional vs. unconventional

Cat people tend to think outside the box more, while dog people have more conventional, traditional interests.

6 – Crying during movies

Cat owners are more sensitive than dog owners. If you cry during movies, you’re a cat person.

7 – Live and let live vs. cold revenge

This one is a bit counterintuitive. You’d think the cat would be more about serving revenge cold, but it’s actually the opposite. Cat owners appear to be fairly trusting, while dog owners can be more suspicious and manipulative. Cat owners are more inclined to live and let live.

8 – How do you use social media?

Dog owners are all over it, while cat owners are more reserved.

9 – Dirty dishes go where?

If you’re a dog person, they go in the dishwasher. Dog people are 11% more conscientious, self-disciplined, and likely to complete tasks than cat people.

10 – A cop pulls you over

If you’re a dog person, you take the ticket. Dog owners are more law-abiding than cat owners.

11 – At a party

Cat owners are lower in dominance and about 12% more neurotic than dog people.
Cat owners tend to be more timid, bashful, shy, and non-aggressive. Dog owners are the people who stand out in social gatherings.

12 –  Your neighbors are circus performers

Another seemingly counterintuitive question, but if you think about it from the perspective of “curiosity killed the cat,” it’s not.

If you’re a cat person, you go over and meet them. Cat owners are 11% more likely to be open-minded.

13 – Vacation planning

Dog people are planners, cat people are more spontaneous, which makes sense just based on the attention required for each animal.

14 – Can I pet you?

If you’re a cat, you said no way.

If you’re curious, my answers broke out as follows:

  1. dog
  2. dog
  3. dog
  4. cat
  5. cat
  6. dog
  7. dog
  8. cat
  9. dog
  10. dog
  11. cat
  12. cat
  13. cat
  14. cat

According to this, I’m exactly half dog and half cat:


So which are you? How close were the answers to your personality? Again, I wouldn’t take any of this too seriously. It’s just for fun.