Shock And Awe

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Stories that Must Not Die

Please welcome from Amusing Nonsense with a rather serious post about suicide and perspective.

Author’s Note: This is going to be a post that might offend people. It might unsettle people. It discusses things that might disturb sensitive people, and it discusses things that might trigger depressive episodes. Please do not read this post if you are currently considering or are about to attempt suicide. Instead, seek help.

First, the shock.

The problem with attempting suicide in a humane manner is that the plans are not ideal. I faced this myself in November 2013 when I woke up six times with a bag over my head. Six times I couldn’t get it all to go the way I wanted it to. At first it was the sleeping medicine that made me nod off before I could get the whole thing accomplished, then it was the drawstring keeping the bag…

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