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Official National Wizards League™ Fantasy Season 2014-15

Why just watch the National Wizards League™ when you can be part of the action with The Official NWL Fantasy League?

Feel every spell, lance and fireball with a wizard’s eye view of the game. Join your wizards in first-person action as they take the field and battle each other in a no hold’s barred wizard cage match!

Help your wizards deftly maneuver their golems, dragons and familiars on the field! Earn points for spells cast, spells broken, magical items gained, sacks and interceptions.

New in 2014:


If you help your wizards win five matches in a row, you get an opportunity to control one of the golems in a real match!


The highest regular season fantasy score wins an all expense paid trip to Wizard Bowl XLIX™!


As an added incentive, if your wizards get the lowest score in your league, you will feel every blistering second of pain from their real injuries until the next match!

Instant Video Replay

Relive any play any time you want, now with pain!



We’ve got historical data on your wizards going back to the dark ages. Dive deep into weapon and armor proficiency, spell casting ability and magical item inventory to build the best team.

Pre-Draft Ranking Tool

Draft (or mock draft) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your phone, tablet or PC.


Every week, we talk to the pros to get you the most accurate predictions. No fortune telling spells allowed.

Weekly Breakdown

Run down and in-depth commentary from professional coaches and retired wizards.

Free-Agent Finds

Did your wizard get the Spell Of No Return cast on them and they’re out for the season? We’ve got you covered.

Will you and your wizards earn the title of NWL.com Fantasy Wizard Champion this season? Start building your winning franchise today!


Written for the weekly writing challenge. I chose games for my topic, magical realism for my genre and open letter for style.