Flashback: The Rules: Or How to Be A Reasonable Human

I’m pressed for time again, so it’s time for another reblog! Yay! Don’t look at me like that. Reblogs are perfectly acceptable, right? Right!

Anyway, this particular reblog is about the rules I follow to navigate society. If you follow them, you’ll be an awesome person, unless you’re not actually a person. If, for example, you’re a dog, then you’ll be an awesome dog instead.

Fish Of Gold

HumanStatueMan Rule #1: Don’t be a human statue. That shit is creepy and dumb.

I’ve talked about the rules before in this blog. Most notably, I discussed them in the post logically entitled The Rules, which, quite frankly, I had forgotten all about until I noticed that WordPress automatically assigned the URL the-rules-2 for this post, implying that there was a rules 1, which there was. Ta-da!

However, as awesome as the first rules post is (or maybe it isn’t–I didn’t actually read it), those are not the type of rules to which I am referring now. The rules in that post are rules for conducting yourself while engaging in not necessarily strictly legal activities in a shady or possibly malevolent manner.

In this post, I’m talking about rules of the universe. That’s what I call them anyway, but they’re not really universal since they really only apply to Homo…

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