The Fish

Last weekend, I got a real life goldfish and I asked your help naming it. These are your brilliant suggestions.

Mister Flibbleklotter – bumblepuppies

boogee (bamboo and algae) – Gibber

Goldie or Mini-Me – Sofia Leo

Marco Polo – Sincerely Kate

Junior, II or Go-go – Jessie

Sparky – siriusbizinus

Gillian with a hard G – SarahUncool

Gloria – Juliette Kings

Jaws – List of X

Bambooina, Bambooita, Bamberta, Bamboomer, Draecenita – Doobster418

Maximus Thunderbottom, Bamboo Forest Overlord, Bob – nerdinthebrain

Pierre. Just Pierre. – Peter45

Buster or Cosimo – Kheleya Fahrmann

BA Gold – silentlyheardonce

Sir Swimmelby, Lord of Dracaenia – ddupre315

Buzz – grandmalin

King Green Fin the Third – Mental Mama

Carassius auratus auratus, in short Caress Aura – kolytyi

Wanda – Barry

Goldilocks – No Blog Intended

Paul – merbear74

Frank – draliman

Dr. Drae, Bubbles or Sir Swimsalot – Ruth

Sharknado – WalkToRio

The Almighty Defenestrator, Panda, Golden Eye, Aurum, Au 79, Arkenstone, Gollum’s Feast – starfish

Cleo, Mr. Limpet, Charlie, Phil, full name Phil A. Fish – NotAPunkRocker

Mr. Mi-Algae – andshelaughs

Algy, Slash, Iggy – Blathering

Finnegan – alexp01


First, let me say, you guys rock. I’ve never seen such a creative bunch. Thanks for all your suggestions.

After careful consideration, I have decided to use all of them. Allow me to introduce you to…


The Almighty Defenestrator, Gollum’s Feast, Lord of Dracaenia, Bamboo Forest Overlord, King Green Fin; Sirs Swimmelby and Swimsalot, Dr. Drae, Misters Flibbleklotter, Limpet and Mi Algae; Sharknado Boogee Goldie BA-Gold Mini-Me Caress-Aura Marco-Polo Cleo Phil Go-go Wanda Sparky Gillian Bob Panda Algy Golden-Eye Aurum Au-79 Arkenstone Frank Finnegan Bubbles Paul Pierre Gloria Buster Buzz Slash Iggy Cosimo Jaws Goldilocks Bambooina Bambooita Bamberta Bamboomer Draecenita Carassius-auratus-auratus Maximus Thunderbottom, Junior, the Second and the Third.