Jumping The Gun

I may have done that a little bit with my post about how horrible my new workplace really is.

I was given a horrible desk chair that refuses to go up and down and has about as much cushion as a sidewalk. I have to get up and walk around every hour or my butt goes numb. When I asked if there were any other chairs around I that could trade with, I was told to go online and pick a new one to buy because “chairs are important.”


Also, I got my raise. And a matching 401K and health, vision and dental insurance. I have to pay for the insurance myself, at least part of it, but it’s cheaper than I could get it through the Affordable Care Act and better quality. Of course, none of that starts until my 90 day probationary period is over, but still.

And smug office manager hasn’t been all that smug. We had two meetings yesterday, one where I filled out all the employment paperwork and one involving work stuff. In both meetings he was generally pleasant.

I’ll have to mind my Ps and Qs for a while, so I won’t be in the fishbowl as much. I’m only writing this now because I’m on my lunch hour. Soon enough I’ll be able toΒ regale you with stories of my weird coworkers. So far, they’re just very noisy.

It’s an office job and office jobs are pretty mind-numbingly boring, so I’ll continue looking for jobs in the astronautical and regular nautical fields. I’d like to be a space explorer or join the merchant marine. I could be a sailor. I already swear like one.

Fortunately, things aren’t as bad as originally feared. I’m hanging in there. I miss my bloggy folks. What have you been up to?


Back to work I go. Hi ho.