25 Songs: Day 17 Skankin’



Day 17 – A song that makes me want to dance.

This one’s relatively easy. Every time I hear ska, it makes me want to skank. That’s skank as in the second definition, not the first one:

Screen shot 2014-05-17 at 3.41.22 PM

I have never seen skankin’ spelled with a “g” even though the dictionary and the apostrophe imply that there should be one.

This is what skankin’ looks like:


I am not a huge fan of reggae, but I love the earlier incarnations of it, ska and rocksteady, particularly first and second wave ska from the 1960s and 70s, even more specifically, anything by Studio One or Trojan Records. Pick up the Trojan and Studio One box sets, and you’ll be skankin’ for days.

One of my favorite ska songs is from the early days when “ska” was still a relatively unknown word. Every time this song comes on full shuffle, I can’t help but wiggle a bit. I love this video too since it shows what skankin’ used to look like before it was skankin’. Enjoy.