25 Songs: Day 18 Lost Songs



Day 18 – A song I love but rarely listen to.

Ugh. With 30,000 tracks in my library, that could apply to a lot of songs. I don’t get around to listening to a lot of music I have.

I approached this scientifically. I visited all my 5 star rated songs. Typically, that’s the only rating I give songs in my library, because I have a 5 star smart playlist that pulls in any song I gave 5 stars. 4 and under isn’t really worth bestowing.

I went to my 5 star playlist and sorted by last played. The song with 5 stars that I haven’t listened to the longest is actually one of my all time favorite songs. The honor goes to The Andrews Sisters with Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Means You’re Grand). This song and Sing Sing Sing are my favorite songs from the big band era.

And yes, I know how to swing dance, but I was never any good at it since I always tried to lead.